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Product Specs
Brand: Café Escapes®
Name: Café Vanilla
Product: Coffee
Caffeine: Regular
Roast / Type: Specialty
Type: KCUP
Pack: 24 Count
UPC: 99555068122
SKU: 5000203029
Variety Features


A tantalizing cup of the world's favorite flavor. There's no such thing as plain vanilla when it comes to this inviting Café Escapes treat. Delicately sweet, yet surprisingly light - it's a delicious break that you'll want to enjoy every day.

Notes: This product contains milk. Caffeine content is estimated at less than 10 mg per serving (versus 100-150 mg in Arabica coffee). Contains a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners.

*Customers who have a Keurig® 2.0 brewer will need to select the HOT COCOA/OTHER button when brewing this product.

99555068122 Nutritional Facts

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Café Escapes® Café Vanilla - K-Cup® - Regular - Specialty - 24ct

SKU: 5000203029
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