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Product Specs
Brand: Celestial Seasonings®
Name: Decaf Green Tea
Product: Tea
Caffeine: Decaf
Roast / Type: Green Tea
Blend: GREEN
Type: KCUP
Pack: 24 Count
UPC: 99555147377
SKU: 5000203069
Variety Features


Celestial Seasonings® Decaffeinated Green Tea K-Cup® pods embrace the benefits of green tea without committing to the caffeine. This full-bodied brew has everything you seek from a fine-quality green tea, but you can enjoy its smooth flavor anytime—this one won't keep you up at night. Celestial Seasonings takes out the caffeine and leave in the natural goodness using a compound that occurs naturally in the tea leaves. So wrap up your day with a mellow cup of Decaffeinated Green Tea and the convenience of Keurig®... serene! "Green tea leaves come from the same plant as traditional black tea, but are quickly dried to preserve their vibrant color and natural antioxidants. We’ve blended our authentic decaf green tea with delicate, decaffeinated Bai Mu Dan white tea – one of the rarest and youngest of teas – to create a smooth, balanced cup with a pleasantly mild flavor." — Charlie Baden, Celestial Seasonings® Blendmaster Since 1975.

INGREDIENTS: Decaffeinated Green Tea and Decaffeinated White Tea.

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Celestial® Decaf Green Tea - K-Cup® - Decaf - Green Tea - 24ct

SKU: 5000203069
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