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Product Specs
Brand: FORTO®
Name: Coffee Shot Starter Pack
Characteristics: Smooth & delicious.
Product: Coffee
Roast / Type: Beverages
Pack: 6 Count
UPC: 857880006703
SKU: 5000348941
Variety Features


Explore an assortment of coffee shots made using more beans, and brewed longer than regular coffee, to create a smooth and delicious boost of energy. Powered by Forto, each bottle contains either 100mg or 200mg of caffeine packed in a 2oz. ready-to-go shot. These Coffee Shots provide an energizing way to take on your day!


This starter pack includes six different varieties of 2oz. Coffee Shots:
(1) The Original Donut Shop® Sweet & Creamy Latte 100 mg
(1) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Mocha 100mg
(1) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Pure Black 100mg
(1) Forto® Chocolate Latte 200mg
(1) Forto® Hershey's Chocolate® Latte 100mg
(1) Forto® Vanilla Latte 200mg


Each Coffee Shot is shelf-stable, sealed and spill-proof for energy on the go.


*Manufactured and Distributed by Dyla LLC, New York, New York 10004


Actual packaging, UPC/SKU and units per box may vary.
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Trademarks & Copyright info belong to their respective owners.

FORTO® Coffee Shot Starter Pack - Coffee Shots - 6ct

SKU: 5000348941
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